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By: Marketing | April 05, 2018

I am sure you have all seen the movies and thought about how awesome it looks, how much you would love to have the chance to join in the fun of Greek life, and then the general wondering as to why this is not a thing in the UK!?

Although you can see the idea of what Greek life is about from the movies what do you think it is really all about. Well here are the basics to give you an insight before you get on over to our sign up page. 

The Different Kinds Of Greek Life

The common and most known version of Greek Life to us is in the UK is the social Frat/Sorority. The main reason for these versions is to support in making friends and future contacts, much like student halls but much more amazing!

The alternative is the academic Greek life, tailored towards the more studious. This side of Greek Life is more reserved and allows for the ability to meet some great like-minded people.

But then there is the greatness JSPM bring, combining the two to create the ultimate Greek Life. Meet contacts for life and get that social life without affecting your studies. What better way to live out your university days?

National Councils

Many Greek houses are part of a large national council an interfraturnity if you will.

The idea is to help regulate Greek Life throughout the land, as well as form the connection between all the ‘Brothers’ and ‘Sisters’ in each chapter. They help to moderate the whole system and ensure that everything is run correctly and efficiently.

Extracurricular Involvement

A big portion of Greek Life falls into the social events, charity events, parties and volunteer opportunities.

These all form perfect ways to add to your CV, bond with housemates, meet new people and experience new things.

So now you have a brief idea of what Greek Life is now you want to know why you should get involved right?

....Well there are benefits of plenty

It may not be for everyone, the life of a Greek, that is, but there are a load of unmissable reasons why joining a chapter or house is a great idea.

Any Greek Life devotee will tell you, the friends you make as a result of those social orders are a lifelong family, an order of connections that spreads far and wide. But better than that is is a family specifically chosen and not forced, forever supporting you whether that be socially, personally or professionally.

The high levels of engagement associated with these groups can also have great personal and professions developmental benefits. Employers love to see that you have been proactive throughout your studies; it allows them to see that you have a great work ethic and strong will to succeed.

Overall Greek Life is a great way to expand you prospects and social networks as a result of not only your house, socials and activities but also between other houses and Greek Lifers. Meet new people, experience new things make your student life broad and 100% the best days of your life.

Want to know how we are bringing this to the UK?

Get in touch:


0121 314 2440



Dixon Dixon

Posted on : August 03, 2018



Posted on : July 09, 2018

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