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By: Marketing | April 03, 2018

The government have reached a decision and confirmed the mandatory licensing extension set for October 2018. These new regulations bring properties where there are up to 2 flats in the block, into the same scope for mandatory licensing, and remove the previously placed three storey rule from mandatory licensing.

There has been an estimate placed that 200K additional mandatory HMO’s will become necessary in England thanks to this extension.

Under regulations properties subject to mandatory licensing must meet a number of criteria:

- Occupied for 5 or more persons

-  Occupied by persons living in two or more separate households

Along with meeting

-  The standard test under section 254 (2) of the Act;

-  The self- contained flat test under section 254 (3) of the Act but is not a purpose built flat situated in a block comprising of three or more self- contained flats; Or 

-  The converted building test under section 254 (4) of the Act

This order is applicable to HMO’s in England however it does not apply to converted blocks of flats.

Where does this leave those currently licensed?

HMO’s currently under an additional license scheme will be transferred over to the mandatory scheme. The big consideration here for landlords is that where previously there was a 6 month grace period, this no longer exists.

The next step from here is to consider the regulation of room sizes and their mandatory requirement to conform to specific conditions. Within this regulation there will be the determination as to whether rooms are acceptable for HMO’s and by how many adults and children. 

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Posted on : June 25, 2018

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