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By: Marketing | April 05, 2018

I am sure you have all seen the movies and thought about how awesome it looks, how much you would love to have the chance to join in the fun of Greek life, and then the general wondering as to why this is not a thing in the UK!?

Although you can see the idea of what Greek life is about from the movies what do you think it is really all about. Well here are the basics to give you an insight before you get on over to our sign up page. 

By: Marketing | April 03, 2018

The government have reached a decision and confirmed the mandatory licensing extension set for October 2018. These new regulations bring properties where there are up to 2 flats in the block, into the same scope for mandatory licensing, and remove the previously placed three storey rule from mandatory licensing.

There has been an estimate placed that 200K additional mandatory HMO’s will become necessary in England thanks to this extension.

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